Hey, so if you guys want to create new pages for your ifunny profiles, you should take a look at some of the pages we have already and copy that format. It's important for you to have all the needed imforamtion about yourself in the page or else it will look silly (some pre-existing pages dont have any content and I don't have the power to delete pages so I can't really do anything about that). Also, adding picture to your infobox, would be very useful. Or else you will have to input "Noimage316.jpg" to get the general 'No picture availble' picture.

On another note, please check to make sure a page about you hasn't already been made. There have been a few cases where that has happend and again, I dont have the power to delete pages so I have to link the new page in the old pages "General Information  section and its a pain in the butt. So pretty please, check to see if there is a page already written about you or by you (maybe you forgot, I don't know) 

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