Hey everyone, just to let you guys know that this wiki should have some major edits coming soon. :) Good edits, don't worry. I'm going to try and edit pages that are really biased and opinatied. Reading all the comments on spammers gives me good insight of what you guys want. Since this blog post in not a page, I can be as opinionated as I want. I hate daddies, littles, fandoms, and everything under than sun that is NOT offensive. However, if youve seen the articles that Ive edited so far, you can see that I try and write my articles with a neutral POV. Anyway, If any of YOU, want to write articles, it would be nice if you could write them unbiased. You probably wont if your an offensive or some shit like that, but if you do write an article unbiased, that would be wonderful. 

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