Hey guys, its me again. So I fixed the infobox so it can be rendered on any browser however, doing this means you can no longer fill in the infobox when you're using "Classic Editor". I know, this pisses me off too. I always use classic editor because I know how to do the HTML that wikia uses for their websites. I do however use the regular "edit" when I make quick edits like fixing grammar or deleteing spam. (You guys have gotten good about not posting spam. Im proud :,) ) So about the infoboxes. You CAN add an infobox using "Classic Editor" but you can't edit it in classic edito unless you input the content manually  using the  HTML in the source coding (Which is a pain in the butt, I don't recommend it unless you know for sure what you are doing). SO NOW, to edit infoboxes, you'll have to place them in "Classic Editor" and edit them in "Edit". If anyone needs help with the infoboxes, I check this wiki on a pretty regular basis so I'll probably see if you message my wall or leave in in the "edit summary" of the page.  Thanks so much everyone <3

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