General Information

VaultTecRepresentative is a well-known account on the iFunny application. Majority of his posts relate to Fallout 4, an RPG released by game developer Bethesda in 2015. However, he is most easily recognized by his witty comments on various posts that imply the reader to "enlist in your local vault".


VaultTecRepresentative began in January 2016, and slowly began gaining subscribers. However, near the beginning of May, he suddenly started growing at a much faster rate, due to support by various large accounts.

On the 5th of July, he announced the launch of his bot on the popular Kik application.

Trivial Information

  • VaultTecRepresentative's gender is presumed to be male, though he has never given any confirmation or implication of it.
  • He owns a Kik bot.
  • He has been republished and supported by many mega-accounts, such as DailyJokeCat, DoneWithLifeKermit, and RonThrowsComputer.
  • Ever since the beginning of his account, he has never republished a single post.
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