General Information

The xVenoom account is still active and has been active for 1.0 years, go sub to him. The problem with this account is that his name will not appear on the "explore" section on iFunny and it is believe moderators on iFunny have manually set this option for his profile as well as the option of not being featured because of his hard-to-argue-against critics of iFunnyChef and the Feature system.


Venoom_ lasted for 1.3 years. The account started as a Dolan account, but slowly changed to an Original account. The account survived many "Banocaust" despite it's large number of subscribers for a semi-offensive account. However, even after almost gaining 1k subscribers, the account was banned because of commenting on the first feature when iFunny was having a big system problem, automatically banning him. Venoom_ was quickly growing before his ban, mostly because of his controversially original posts, like Doc Rivers's captions.

Trivial Information

His Favorite Meme is the Doc Rivers's expression on getting an unfair technical foul. He has greatly influenced the iFunny community on spreading this meme in a controlled manor.

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