General Information

ZG, otherwise known as Zanford, Ghost, or as of April 26, Staravian, is an iFunnier who got featured for a 30 second vine. He's known for making shitty puns, photo editing, and shameless shenanigans when he's bored, an ex-name thief, his posts tend to be entertaining to some and get reposted a lot (cause he's a fgt nurd), his profile pics tend to be drawn by iFunny artist Manian. His accounts have only been around since November of 2014, the unlucky nurd gets banned for no reason. He also, for a newbie, knows how to get stuff done on the app, having contact with many "big" users who are willing to listen. He uses user of Manian's OCs Reid and Zanford. He's on this app because of Wipp. He likes to get into trouble a lot but doesn't really do anything ban worthy. He's also obsessed with music for no apparent reason other than that he just likes it. His ego and self esteem is the size of the number of oscars Leonardo DeCaprio has won. He'll never reach 1K.


Trivial Information

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