User Zaoist

Zaoist is one of the biggest users of 2018-2019 on ifunny, He has been featured 15 times.

Zaoist is a catholic member of the ifunny community who currently is considered the unofficial leader of deep ifunny, this became the unanimous opinion after user Boson (who was before zaoist the leader of deep ifunny) Got doxxed along with having pictures of his mother being leaked on the site causing him to leave the app on a infinite hiatus as of August 2nd 2019. Because of this he has made a term for the role as "Ipope."


Zaoist is famous for making a style of shitposts known as textposts on ifunny where using the comic feature on the app, the poster writes a shitpost in text format then puts a picture of their pfp on the bottom


Zaoist example

Scuffed Picture alert

Politics and opinions

If you were to tell me where in hell to put this man on the political compass It would be harder to answer than most ethics questions. The best I could tell you is that he is definitely right of center and has mixed feelings(?) about James Mason's book Siege.

This is the best I could remember about his politics and opinions

  • Racist(to an extent)
  • Sexist(to an extent)
  • Antisemitic (to an extent)
  • Homophobic and Transphobic
  • Belives in the Inevitable collapse(?)
  • Belives that climate change is a real issue
  • Traditionalist
  • Abstinent(?)
  • Admirer of Mussolini and Franco
  • Dislikes Protestants


While Zaoist has been found plenty of times to be racist he doesn't completely believe in the ideas that blacks are inferior. He has shown support to 6 black members of the community for their skin color along with having an unnamed black friend in his class.


Zaoist is not sexist in the ideas of women are inferior in everyway but rather belives in traditional values and roles of where a woman should be


While Zaoist does belive that most Jews stay true to the Jewish stereotypes of other antisemites he has had a couple of exceptions including a jewish video comedian who he has found attractive along with that has shown support for the main contributer for this article(Who is Jewish), This being ifunny user That1jewishguy(As of August 2nd 2019).

Potential usurpers of ipope in the future

  • Texasempire
  • New_California_Republic
  • BigBoss
  • Kong
  • Boson

Final message

Zaoist please unban me from your discord.-That1jewishguy

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